Theoretical Neuroscience Podcast

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Podcast #14: On the molecular memory code – with Sam Gershman (1:20)

Podcast #13: On quantum biology – with Johnjoe McFadden (1:17)

Podcast #12: On modeling of signaling pathways inside the neuron – with Avrama Blackwell (1:31)

Podcast #11: On synaptic learning rules for spiking neurons – with Friedemann Zenke (1:30)

Podcast #10: On large-scale modeling of mouse primary visual cortex – with Anton Arkhipov (2:02)

Podcast #9: On origins of computational neuroscience and AI as scientific fields – with Terrence Sejnowski (vintage) (1:53)

Podcast #8: On reverse engineering of the roundworm C.elegans – with Konrad Kording (1:34)

Podcast #7: On topological data analysis and Hopfield-like network models – with Carina Curto (2:14)

Podcast #6: On central pattern generators in the spinal cord – with Henrik Lindén (1:26)

Podcast #5: On how vision works – with Li Zhaoping (1:21)

Podcast #4: On multi-area cortex models – with Sacha van Albada (1:32)

Podcast #3: On the neural code – with Arvind Kumar (1:25)

Podcast #2: On biophysics of computation – with Christof Koch (1:20)

Podcast #1: On models of the mind – with Grace Lindsay (1:51)