#1: On models of the mind – with Grace Lindsay

The book “Models of the Mind” published in 2021 gives an excellent popular account of the history and questions of interest in theoretical neuroscience.

I could think of no other person more suitable to invite for the inaugural episode of the podcast than its author Grace Lindsay.

In the podcast we discuss highlights from the book as well as recent developments and the future of our field.  


  • Grace Lindsay: “Models of the Mind – How Physics, Engineering and Mathematics Have Shaped Our Understanding of the Brain” (2021)
  • Home page of Grace Lindsay

    The podcast was recorded on September 7, 2023 and lasts 1 hour and 52 minutes.

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    In addition to the access via the link above, the audio version of the podcast is also available through major podcast providers such as Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music/Audible.

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    My first encounter with neural networks was at University of Tromsø some time around 1995. Gaute and & co showed how they had programmed a neural network that could recognize people from pictures, training on one half of the samle set and testing on the other half. The jaw drop was the part about people having glasses on or not being handled too…

    After that presentation, one of the undergraduate students immediately started planning for a camera and recognition system to alert him when attractive students could be observed at the social sciences faculty😁

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